Story about my retro boot. It was a day of shopping for my cloths with my wife , on that special day we saw this super cool retro boots but honestly it was quite expensive and I hesitated to buy, so my lovely wife bought to me as a gift which was like 20 years ago I used to wore them regularly during weekends and really loved this super stylish boots for almost like 7 to 8 years life . I used to travel with this boots to many countries even on snow, but don’t try it if you feel cold because is not snow proof. Everyone used to ask me from where I got it from and asked me many questions. The day end of life of this boot was few years ago end it up in trash & on that day I was so sad because I am sure trend changes for boots too. I will never get back what I wanted, because I like unique styles. Searched all over net no where except photos everywhere. It was like history and I need to let it go.. that is why these boots are so valuable to me. Time goes by until I finally decided to produce it by myself.… this is only the final solution. Today I am announcing that I have successfully bring them to life again my retro boots reborn again in January 2022. To share this happiness I will accept pre orders later. Every single order will be custom made according to your size. More updates later on this. Photos will be available soon. Thank you

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